The scientific lense through which we assess impact and power is a vital asset towards enhancing the Power Triangle Model. Find out more about the study and research as well as the lecturing undertaking with Freie Universität in Germany.

The Power Triangle in Academia

University lectures that include the power triangle model are held at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

Power is a phenomenon that is at the core of any social interaction and therefore, of social order. It is the force that determines action, inaction and interaction. It either builds or destroys; advances or subtracts; and starts or ends processes and narratives alike. The socio-scientific lens utilised in this seminar uncovers the foundation upon which power rests and sets out the factors that constitute power. The seminar “Communication of Power: An Analysis of Structures” focuses on the key factors that make up power in its various realms.

Power and trust are two interacting factors. In this seminar “Intercultural Communication of Trust“, we use a sociological perspective to analyze the complex issue of intercultural communication of trust. A topic that is relevant worldwide. In detail, we will look at framework conditions, concepts, strategies und situation-specific interactions.

The Seminar on “Power Dynamics” will take place in 2018. We’ll keep you up to date.