Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement

The Power Triangle is, as any model, a simplified representation of reality. It can be used by aspiring entrepreneurs to sharpen their awareness towards the variables that need to be addressed in order to have a real impact within society with one’s successful startup.

This theoretical, but nevertheless practice-oriented concept can be applied in a variety of different contexts. While the premise of the enhancement of the three depicted variables is universal, it’s implementation differs from context to context. The way in which networks can for instance be built in the United States of America is vastly different from the creation of networks in Japan. Various literature on business cultures around the world shed light on this. Different social codes and environments give richness in the details of the implementation of this theory.

Broadly speaking the Power Triangle explains how power structures are established and assessed. Further, the model gives guidance on how to enhance one’s own sphere of influence through three variables: networks (e.g. community support, cooperation partners, social contacts), resources (e.g. time, money, other assets) and knowledge (e.g. expertise, know-how, skills). According to this model all three aspects must be enhanced simultaneously to widen one’s own sphere of influence.

Dr. Branko Woischwill & Nicole Bogott

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