The Power Triangle Model has been developed by Dr. Branko Woischwill and Nicole Bogott. The authors have spotted reoccurring themes in their research (quantitative research and qualitative research) when examining impactful action and influence. These are networks, knowledge and resources, which must be advanced simultaneously in order to have desired effects.

Understanding power is crucial when examining social interaction and social order. The question of where the power lies is relevant to any society and understanding the structures of power is key to understanding society.

Nicole Bogott

Nicole Bogott is a published author, social entrepreneur, co-founder of the impACT movement and guest lecturer on the topic of power structures at the sociology department of the renowned John F. Kennedy Institute, which is part of the second largest university in Germany, Freie Universität Berlin.

Power Triangle ®

The Power Triangle is, as any model, a simplified representation of reality. It can be used by aspiring entrepreneurs to sharpen their awareness towards the variables that need to be addressed in order to have a real impact within society with one’s successful startup.

Dr. Branko Woischwill

University lecturer Dr. Branko Woischwill studied communication science and has written his doctoral thesis on the subject of trust. It was published by Springer VS (2017).